McDonald’s Tells a Pandemic Love Story and Offers a Parking Dinner for Two

By Kyle O'Brien 

Finding meaningful human contact, let alone love, during a pandemic is a difficulty, but McDonald’s Netherlands is showing how that love is possible, even if it’s in a parking lot.

The fast food brand, with the help of TBWA\Neboko, is not only telling a meet-cute love story over burgers and coffee, it’s offering a dining experience for those who don’t mind noshing while parked.


In “A Corona Love Story,” a nurse gets off work and goes to McDonald’s, drinking a cup of coffee alone in the parking lot. There, she spots a truck driver eating by himself. They wave. The scene then repeats night after night, as the two share moments over fast food through their windshields, sparking a possible pandemic romance.

In an effort to recreate the magic of the spot for everyone, TBWA\Neboko and McDonald’s have created a social activation where guests can win a pandemic-proof McDonald’s Parking Dinner for Two, or “Parkeer Diner voor Twee” in Dutch.

McDonald’s Parking Dinner for Two.

“It is particularly important in these times to have feel-good moments. Guests like to visit us for this reason,” Zilla Smith, marketing manager media and campaigns, McDonald’s Netherlands said in a statement. “In this commercial we show a very special feel-good moment in which two people find each other, helped by a little bit of luck.”