McCann Mexico Has a Massive Wiener

By Patrick Coffee 

We’re not generally the first place one turns to find praise for particularly creative work, but we will make an exception for a newly promoted ad in which McCann Mexico throws a sausage party on the beach.

The work is for BestDay, which is similar to Kayak and TripAdvisor in offering “good prices in the touristic service chain” for everything from hotel rooms to business-class flights.

In order to illustrate the problem presumably solved by the client, the McCann team shows us how a better reservation can decrease the discomfort of flying on a crowded plane via a jarring “one of these things is not like the other” juxtaposition:

The release tells us that the ad appeared on TV and in movie theaters leading up to the Easter holiday and its attendant travel rush, but McCann is pushing it out to media this week in preparation for Cannes (of course).

Here’s hoping it wins something phallic.

Agency: McCann Mexico City
Client: BestDay
Product: Online Agency Travel (OTA)
Campaign name:  Sausage
Chief creative officer:  Javi Carro
Creative director: Breno Cotta
Copywriter: Breno Cotta / Juan Pablo Balcazar / Eduardo Espinoza
Art director: Alejandro López
Production team: Juan González / Rafael López
Production house: The Maestros
Director: Gonzalo Oliveró
Production Team: Enrique Nava
Sound production: Look As Audio