McCann Lima, Charlotte Stokely Teach You How to Last Longer

By Erik Oster 

McCann Lima launched a suggestive campaign to raise testicular cancer awareness on Pornhub.

Enlisting the aid of porn actress Charlotte Stokely, the agency created a video and posted it on Pornhub under the title “Charlotte Stokely teaches you to last longer.” The video advises men on how to properly examine their testicles for cancer, without them realizing it, and then reveals that the title alludes to a longer life with early detection of testicular cancer. It’s a clever, attention-grabbing way to broach the subject, which is easy to ignore when delivered in its usual clinical fashion. The video is being shared on social media, in addition to its home on Pornhub, and acts as part of a larger campaign from the agency to raise awareness of the issue.



Agency: McCann – Lima
Client: Pornhub
VP of Marketing: Corey Price
Chief Creative Officer: Mauricio Fernandez-Maldonado
Chief Creative Officer: Nicolás Romanó
Copywriter: Mario Anchorena
Copywriter: Victor Luna
Art Direction: Julio Silva
Production Director: Luis Cisneros
Production Company: Patria
Post-Production: Tosta
Audio Producer: La Cueva