McCann Erickson Japan is Pitting its AI Creative Director Against Mitsuru Kuramoto

By Erik Oster 

Back in March, we wrote about McCann Erickson Japan’s introduction of AI-CD β, the agency’s new artificially intelligent creative director. Despite some skepticism surrounding the news’ timing (around April 1), the agency insisted that AI-CD β is for real and now you can see its first work.

McCann Erickson Japan tasked both AI-CD β and living, breathing human creative director Mitsuru Kuramoto with creating a spot for Mondelez Japan brand Clorets Mint Tab which communicates the brand’s benefit of “instant, long-lasting refreshment that lasts for 10 minutes.” 

AI-CD β’s ad is fairly straightforward, drawing inspiration from calligraphy.

Kuramoto, meanwhile, takes a more humorous approach. He also capitalizes on human appreciation of dogs, something an artificially intelligent creative director might not account for.

A nationwide poll asking Japanese audiences which ad they prefer is currently being conducted, so the jury is still out on this man versus machine battle, but feel free to weigh in with your own choice in the comments section.

“As a creative director myself, I have mixed feelings about this,” McCann Japan executive creative director Isamu Nakamura told The Drum. “But I am very excited to see how the public receives a commercial creatively directed by A.I. and how the battle between human and A.I. will turn out.”