Man Hands: What Do These Ads Say?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Our friends at AdsoftheWorld do a great job of archiving the world’s advertisements. Today’s set of print posters (for OneLife) offer a strong message about sex: every time you sleep with someone you’re sort of sleeping with everyone that person has slept with (beware of HIV). Not a new message, but an execution that highlights what promiscuity sort of looks like. Sort of.

Does this mean we’re all into group sex?

Take note of the hands groping each body. In the dude-on-dude posters, all the fingers appear to stem from manhands. But in the dude-on-lady poster there appear to be hands of both sexes. Manicure!

&#151 Given that the dude-on-dude posters show all man hands, maybe the dude-on-lady poster should have all lady hands. But then that’s like saying she’s having sex with a bunch of women (who are statistically “safer”) &#151 so maybe not so much to worry about.

&#151 Or it’s saying that the guy has done the dirtay with other guys. Which is fine, of course, if that’s his thing. But that message isn’t consistent in the other ads.

&#151 Do gay men only sexify other gay men? Have none of them experimented with vagina? Confusion.

&#151 There’s no right or wrong here, just observation.

Before you go thinking we’re making statements about who should have which hands on their nakedness, please understand that we are not. We’re just saying that the message doesn’t really make sense when you break it down. Then again, folks walking by this poster might not take that much time to think it through. On first glance, this campaign is probably a win.

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Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montréal, Canada
Creative Director: Dominique Trudeau
Art Director: Sebastien Deland
Copywriter: Guillaume Blanchet
Photographer: Alain Desjean
Published: June 2009