Mads Mikkelsen Beats Invisible Attacker in &Co’s ‘The Fight’ for BoConcept Furniture

By Erik Oster 

Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen stars in &Co’s “The Fight” for BoConcept Furniture, squaring off against an invisible attacker intent on stealing the contents of a mysterious briefcase.

Following two predecessors also starring Mikkelsen, “The Call” and “The Guest,” the spot opens with Mikkelsen opening the door and saying, seemingly to no one, “So you’ve found me.” Soon he’s taking blows from his invisible attacker, who he thinks is after the contents of his briefcase. A pair of BoConcept Furniture interior designers arrive on the scene soon after, perplexed by the actor’s behavior but determined to do their jobs nonetheless. It all makes for an entertaining, if a bit confusing, ad, with the ending and the “Make The Most Out Of Your Space” tagline finally tying the bizarre concept to the brand. Whether the spot had to be a full three minutes long is another matter, but it appears both Mikkelsen and his stunt coordinator had a lot of fun on the project.

“It’s been a while since I have had a more physically demanding role like this one,” Mikkelsen told LBB. “I really enjoyed doing these stunts – I may just have turned 50, but I am in super shape and I think it is so much fun to do things like this.” 

“Mads is very athletic and eager to make it look just right, so it was one of those projects that was a real pleasure to work on,” added professional stunt coordinator Kimmo Rajala.


Creative Agency: &Co
Director: Dejan Cukic and Thomas Busk
VFX: Dansk Special Effekt Service