McCann New York and Dentyne Know How Bad Your Breath Can Be

By Patrick Coffee 

McCann has been working on Mondelez gum brand Dentyne for a while–back in 2010 they were comparing the act of popping some gum to grabbing a prophylactic to protect one’s junk. (Oh hey, remember when Brian Morrissey wrote for AdFreak?)

We recently learned that Mondelez would be scaling back on its video efforts for Sour Patch Kids, but it seems that the company wants to bring some consumer attention back to its Dentyne brand.

This week, the agency released its first ads for the client in some time. Set in a corporate elevator in Anywhere America, they’re a series of shorts riffing on the various and awful ways in which one can be subjected to the breath of a fellow rider during any given trip on an elevator.


The campaign is called “Flaunt Your Breath.”

Don’t know about you guys, but it reminds us of those FCB “Aren’t you glad you use Dial?” spots that aired for about a century when we were kids.

The above roll was sent out to various outlets that don’t happen to be us earlier in the week, but the campaign includes a couple of additional shorts.

Here’s a farting balloon.

…and here’s a totally classist short about how the guys who work in maintenance are always so rude.

We don’t have much in the way of context on this one, but the spots will be running on TV as well as the social media channels in the U.S. and Canada as part of what we presume to be an effort to refresh the brand without the Ice. (Dentyne hasn’t shared anything on Facebook since last November.)

The spots were directed by Jeff Low of Biscuitworks.


North American Chief Creative Officer: Eric Silver
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy
Co-Chief Creative Officer: Sean Bryan
Creative Director: Matt Swinburne
Creative Director: Jillian Groger
Copywriter: Molly Wilkoff
Art Director: Zoe Kessler
Group Strategy Director: Julien Delatte
Senior Strategist: Amanda Perring
Group Account Director: Dina Hovanessian
Group Account Director: Olivia Heeren
Account Executive: Chris Chew
Account Executive: Danielle Jimenez
Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram
Senior Integrated Producer: Alexis Mead
Director: Jeff Low/Biscuit Filmworks
Editor: Chuck Willis (Internet) and Jamie Connors (TV)
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