Live Blogging from Advertising 2.0

By Matt Van Hoven 

It’s almost three a.m. and I’m giddy. Or I drank too much coffee today. Whichever is to blame doesn’t really matter, because I’ve been reading all about tomorrow’s goings on.

What’s tomorrow (or, today) you ask?

I’m schlepping it down to Internet Week (after meeting Mike Lebowitz of Big Spaceship for coffee…lots of coffee), specifically Advertising 2.0. I hear Russell Simmons is the keynote speaker, so be sure to tune in. The philanthropist is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Expect photos and maybe some video &#151 that is if I can get my tiny little camera to cooperate.

Man, I need an iPhone.

So check in, probably after 11 a.m. Also, I’m going to try to live blog, which could be a disaster. Adventure and intrigue to commence.