Lita Ford, Sleek Machine Do Some Killer Shredding for

By Patrick Coffee 

How does one advertise a site that compiles job listings (and happens to be the biggest such resource in the United States)?

By calling on a sadly forgotten riot grrl/hair band vet who still knows how to shred.

Boston shop Sleek Machine and client share a thing for cheese-rock nostalgia: over the summer, they created a campaign in which Mike Reno of Loverboy explained why people are no longer working for the weekend because they love their jobs so much. (All agency creatives nodded violently in agreement.)


For its new campaign, Sleek Machine focuses on individuals whose positions might surprise you. Kind of like how Gerry Graf was a stockbroker in a previous life.

First, Ms. Lita Ford of The Runaways, WASP and solo fame doubles as a high school music teacher.

Sweeeet Stratocaster. Now do yourself a favor and click right here.

Next, remember the treadmill dancer guy? No? Here he was, and now here he is again.

Finally, pro BMX biker Bo Wade (dunno) found a second career as…a dude who repairs bikes and tucks his shirt into his jeans WITHOUT A BELT.

That last part is very disturbing to us.

The release tells us that this campaign aims to “[celebrate] good jobs and the bright, talented people out there looking for them, instead of the mundane dead end jobs they want to leave like most competitors do.”

We’re a little surprised to learn that anyone in advertising could relate to this sentiment given that nobody in any agency ever complained about wanting to leave his/her job.

“Celebrations” is a global effort that will air in five different languages.