Lisa Frank, Good Times

By Matt Van Hoven 

If you were a female child (or owned one) during the 1980s and early 90s, you most certainly remember the name brand Lisa Frank. Guys, you probably don’t know wtf we’re talking about (well I didn’t know the name until about an hour ago, but I definitely remember this next part), but you will most definitely remember the psychedelic unicorns, rainbow orgies and other various pixie-like forms &#151 all emblazoned (nay, eternalized) on various stationary items.

There were pencil sharpeners shaped like music notes and heart-shaped erasers. This collection falls right behind the neon-tights + baggy hoodless white sweatshirt + neon scrunchie of same color as tights trend that’s burned into my memory. Oh, the 80/90s, you were so good to us.

We were wondering if there’s a Vegas to this Disneyland. What brands go so over the top today? Is there something out there that reminds you of Lisa Frank every time you see it? This question is geared more toward the ladies out there because for guys the stationary was always about the TrapperKeeper, where we kept our pogs and yo-yos if they’d fit. Today I carry a netbook instead; it’s much less awesome.


Thanks Jonathan!

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