Pics From Last Night’s AdAge Party; Yeah, We Were There

By Matt Van Hoven 

(“We can rebuild you.” This video coordinator for Ad Age, who dabbles in astrophysics, looks deeply into the brain of…an ambient hotty who may or may not be affiliated with Google.)

(The editor of Ad Age, Jonah Bloom, announces that all quizzes, contests, and challenges are cancelled due to alcholism of attendees.)

(Do not ever ever ever fuck with Jetain Mahendra, (right) who will arm-wrestle you. Michael Kelley, freelance digital dude, learned this the hard way.)


(Roe Bressan (right), is the president/COO of Spontaneous and BlueRock. Trevor (left) was shy, yet had the best shirt at the party. Sarah Rogers of JWT occupies the middle ground.)

(Wilbert Hirsch, founder/CEO of audio consulting group, embodies a rock and roll lifestyle. He arrived with a jet-bag, fresh from Germany, where he was dealing with stuff.)

Last night AdAge held a “well fuck it let’s drink” meetup at M.J. Armstrongs way down in the bowels of Manhattan. Er, 1st ave. and 19th. Anyway AgencySpy was there to snap some photos of our favorite traders, though they probably didn’t recognize us. What, we were incog!

There were about 40 or so people there, each of whom dropped $35 at the front door to get in. After that it was all they could drink.

We feel for our traditionalist friends. You may have heard that due to budget constraints and economic woes they had to cut back on printing for a week. Let’s look at the bright side &#151 they saved some trees in the process. But some of their readers were almost certainly saddened that they wouldn’t be able to flip through the pub. while enjoying a morning constitution or train ride.

Anyway kudos to editor Jonah Bloom (pictured above) for showing some positivity about the whole thing. These are some tough times friends, and we hope our amigos at AdAge (um, from what I can tell they don’t consider us friends…come on guys, let’s bury the hatchet!) come through this whole thing in tact. Honestly we do &#151 they do big important things and many of you read them daily and we’d be douchenozzles not to admit that. After all where’s the benefit in acting like your competitor isn’t worth a pound of dirt when they clearly have something good going?

The photos were snapped by our very secret photog called Stephen Kosloff. Oh shit I’ve outed him. He does a lot of good shooting, which you can see here, and he also wrote the captions. Thanks Steve.

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