Lindsay Lohan Suing E*Trade Over Grey-Made Super Bowl Baby Ad

By Matt Van Hoven 

This year’s Super Bowl ads were not memorable, which may be why you don’t remember that a particular E*Trade spot including three babies made fun of Lindsay Lohan. The starlet is suing E*Trade for $100 million, but the agency behind the work &#151 Grey &#151 claims the “Lindsay” mentioned in the spot was derived from a member of the accounts team. Who is this woman? Let’s back up a second.

In the ad, we see our baby boy talking into the camera, in this case trying to explain to his baby girlfriend why he didn’t call the night before.

“And that milkaholic Lindsay wasn’t over?”

Of course, that means Lohan. And according to the New York Post her lawyer filed a lawsuit in Nassau County Supreme Court. His argument: Lindsay is known by her first name only &#151 like Prince and Oprah and Madonna &#151 except she’s not, save for scenarios where everyone in a conversation understands that you’re referring to celebrities only by their first names like The Donald or Sigourney or Charlize or Quentin. Those names are unique and therefore distinguishable from other humans whereas Lindsay is as common as holes in your socks.

Anyway this is ridiculous and probably tied to a promotion of some kind.

Finally, who is this Grey Lindsay? Since her birth lead to this debacle, she should now be forced to change her name so that Lohan can be protected from future calamities such as this. Seriously, this Lindsay, from Grey, is my hero and should be crowned “Advertising Person of the Century” for being at the root of this hard-hitting news. Gossip.

Update: Oh and then there’s this.

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