Irish Betting Site Gambles, Loses with Latest Ad

By Kiran Aditham 

All that we can still really gather about this recently banned ad is that it promotes Ireland-based betting site Paddy Power and the Cheltenham Festival but “has fallen foul of regulators who fear it likely to cause widespread offence” according to the company.

Created by London shop Big Al’s Creative Emporium, the spot features a group of wheelchair-bound guys stiffing a curry house and making their escape. The pissed-off waiter is finally soothed by a Paddy spokesman (a dead ringer for Dylan Baker) who basically says tough shit about the bill but you can get money back using the betting site’s specials.

We’re told that an actor playing one of the cheapskates is wearing a branded Hearts & Balls shirt, which promotes a rugby charity that helps players impacted by catastrophic injury. So it’s a PSA after all? Yep, we’re still unclear.

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