Life No Longer Easy: Staples Changes Slogan to ‘Make More Happen’

By Jordan Teicher Comment

I remember the Easy Button last being at all interesting about five years ago. People could actually buy a product that embodied Staples’ marketing strategy in Staples, some mixture of cool/scary meta-advertising that got old once you pressed the button more than 10 times. Staples has actually been running with “That Was Easy” for a decade, but McGarryBowen just retired it in favor of the less punchy “Make More Happen.”

Would you prefer your supply store to make things easy or to make more things happen? Rhetorical, but the rebrand is meant to change the perception of Staples as just an office supply store. The logo changed slightly, too, with the now-rotating “L” you can see in the new promo above that includes dog food, rain boots, paint brushes, etc. They sell dog food? Is this Staples or Walmart? It’s hard to tell. I’m not sure that’s a good thing, since Staples can’t do Walmart as well as Walmart can, but at least they’re trying to adapt instead of coasting down an easy route to irrelevance. Credits after the jump.

Managing Director: Peter Geary
Account Director: Andres Lafe
Account Executive: Kimberly Mac
Assistant Account Executive: Rosine Saliba
Executive Planning Director: Michael Angelovich
Senior Brand Planner: Amanda Shapiro
Chief Creative Officer: Gordon Bowen
Executive Creative Director, Copy: Jeff Watzman
Executive Creative Director, Art: Marianne Besch

Group Creative Director, Art: Craig Cimmino
Creative Director, Copy:  Michelle Roufa

Associate Creative Director, Copy: David Black
Senior Art Director: Marshall Peschell

Executive Producer: Chris Arruda
Junior Producer: Nick Bourne
Production Company: Smuggler
Director: Filip Engstrom