Miami Ad School Students Seek ‘Winter Girlfriend’

By Erik Oster 

Josh Gordon and Danny Gonzalez, the two Miami Ad School students responsible for the Party Box Project, have a blog documenting their search for a “winter girlfriend” to cuddle with during the cold winter months. They specify in one of the earlier video blogs, in case you were wondering, that this doesn’t mean exclusively for the winter — they’re not planning on getting rid of their winter girlfriends with the spring thaw.

Winter Girlfriend┬áis set up like a calendar, with each day listing a countdown to Valentine’s Day and a random quote. Click on a given date and you get a blog entry from Josh or Danny with updates on the search for a winter girlfriend, number of days since last cuddle, and how they’re coping with the winter. There’s also a weekly video blog, documenting their progress over the past seven days.

Needless to say, the whole thing is a little strange. Josh and Danny meticulously document their winter girlfriend attempts in exhaustive detail. Obviously, they don’t take the whole thing too seriously, though (because at a certain point that would become really creepy). Some of the best moments are pretty funny, although at times the project seems more like an in-joke amongst friends. Josh and Danny seem like nice enough guys, so we wish them luck finding cuddle partners for the winter, ones who won’t mind being featured on Winter Girlfriend.

Josh and Danny have taken a little break from blogging as of late, but you can check out the most recent video blog above. While we’re not sure the site will actually help them find winter girlfriends (and could actually hurt their case with certain ladies), it’s all in good fun, and should help raise their profile, much like their Party Box Project.