Liam Gallagher Wears Sunglasses, Inspires Posse of Brooding Young Men to Join Him

By Bob Marshall 

Though only 39 years of age, former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher is looking more and more like present day Keith Richards every time I see him. Perhaps his lines are a result of his tendency to shout curse words whenever he’s in public. Perhaps they’re due to stress brought on by never knowing whether or not his band is broken up. Or, most likely, they have something to do with he and his brother Noel getting into numerous catfights over the years. (I bet you thought I was going to say drugs, didn’t you?)

Whatever the case, Liam needs to cover his face with much larger sunglasses than usual. UK digital agency Holler saw Liam’s sad condition, and hooked him up with his launch of Pretty Green sunglasses. To make him feel better about his sad state, his Pretty Green friends hired renowned photographer Tom Oxley to take artistic photographs of him. And, to calm Liam’s loneliness, Holler welcomed 50 young sunglasses consumers to the photoshoot too. As you can see in the above video, their ebullience quickly fades when they realize that their hard-partying lifestyles and silly haircuts will cause them to age twice as fast as the average person.


Says Holler’s Adam Clarkson, “Putting regular guys through their paces in front of a world-class photographer we were able to create a one-off special event that saw these men highlighted and haloed to the masses.” Remember, fellas, try to look as underwhelmed and ambivalent as possible. Grab your $160 sunglasses here and view credits after the jump.

Update: The subject matter of this post has led an AgencySpy reader named “Marco” to threaten me with “action” unless I erase or change this post (he has not specified how). Marco’s email address contains the URL and he tells me, “Go on joking, we’ll laugh at the end. Robert Simon Marshall, are you wearing a shit, desperate unlucky bugger face in your profile pic? You clearly don’t know who’re talking to just like the ignorance of your ‘articles.’ Your activity is ‘journalism’ eh? Our activity is reporting people, already done.” In conclusion, owners of Oasis fan sites remain loyal to the band’s members whether or not they are currently making music together.

Creative Director – Barry Markham

Account Director – Adam Clarkson

Photographer – Tom Oxley

Director – Charlie Lightening

Production Company – Lightening Productions