Coca-Cola, Fitz+CO Record Real Roller Coaster Experiences for the Radio

By Ella Riley-Adams 

Roller coasters are a bizarre facet of human life. We willingly trick our bodies into thinking we’re about to die, revel in the thrill of it, and then get in line to do it again. Like taking drugs, but safe and socially acceptable.

Fitzgerald+CO understands that the roller coaster feeling is distinct and inimitable on solid ground. So, for its latest Coca-Cola radio promotion, the Atlanta-based agency decided to do away with actors’ fake shaking voices and feigned fear. To produce a real-sounding radio commercial, they strapped their actors onto coasters at Six Flags and recorded them reading while actually zooming down the tracks. Another spot features real people describing the feeling of drinking Coca-Cola while being hoisted into the air and then speeding down a drop ride or waterfall. The resulting screams and authentic exclamations will air on the radio, while the videos are on Coca-Cola’s YouTube page and showing on Six Flags’ in-park monitors.

Credits after the jump.

Chief Creative Officer: Noel Cottrell

Creative Director: Mitch Bennett

Creative Director: Wes Whitener

Copywriter: Duncan Stone

Copywriter: Jerry Williams

Producer: Jeri Singletary

Editor: Brian Wallace

Jon Jory: Sound Engineer

Kitty Snyder: Producer