Let’s Make the ‘Good Day Blimp’ Happen for Ice Cube, Charity

By Erik Oster 

A line from the 1992 classic Ice Cube song “It Was A Good Day” imagines a Goodyear blimp flying with the message “Ice Cube ‘s A Pimp.” Donovan Strain of Murk Avenue did the world a service by putting in the detective work to discover the date of Ice Cube’s “Good Day”: January 20th, 1992. Now, some other stand-up guys want to make Goodyear fly a “Ice Cube’s A Pimp” blimp for real this January 20th, for what some have dubbed “National Good Day Day.”

Obviously, it would take some convincing to get Goodyear in on this, so a handful of creatives (Jon Barco, Andy Dao, Bryan Denman, and Michael Lopez)  set up a crowdfunding site, with all proceeds going to A Place Called Home — a charity serving “South Central children and teens 8 to 21 years old with love, safety, enrichment, training, and opportunities through educational programs, counseling, and mentorships.” It’s a great charity, and one that deals specifically with helping the citizens of South Central L.A., making it the perfect match for the project.


The guys involved describe themselves as “just a couple of dudes who are fans of Ice Cube, Goodyear, and A Place Called Home.” If you take issue with the word “pimp” floating around in the L.A. sky, they have an answer for you: “The original definition of the word is pretty watered down via slang / culture / TV etc. If you listen to the song. The intent is clear.”

So hopefully Goodyear takes notice, helps everyone remember that January 20th is a “Good Day” and raises money for A Place Called Home. If you’d like to help make this happen (and why wouldn’t you?), head over to the Good Day Blimp crowdfunding site and make a donation. If you give enough, and Goodyear goes through with the project, you could be the proud owner of a Good Day Blimp poster. Let’s all make January 20th a good day.