CommentSpy Arrives to Report on Our Comment Section

By Bob Marshall 


We’ve been getting some tips over the last few days regarding the launch of ‘CommentSpy,’ a new website based on our own (AgencySpy, in case you needed a reminder of where you were). The site’s tagline, “Inside your comments. Derp inside” references our notorious comment section, which is apparently enough of a cesspool of hatred, profanity and self-loathing to spin off a separate site wholly devoted to it. Thanks, commentariat.

Initially, we were going to avoid writing about this thing for fear of being Inception-ed, but then we figured “whatever” and also “fuck it.” Plus, the site’s author(s) made funny twists on our names, which we were incredibly flattered by. So flattered, in fact, that we collectively LOL’d and blushed, batting our eyes in an innocent yet seductive fashion. Anyway, here’s a note we got commemorating the launch of CommentSpy from “”:


“Dearest Kiran, Bob, Erik & Jordan,

It is with great pleasure that I am emailing you all to announce the launch of, the premiere online destination for news from the AgencySpy comments section. We will be covering all the latest AgencySpy comments Monday through Friday, particularly the ones that are mean spirited, willfully ignorant, poorly constructed, racist, misogynistic, or ideally all of the above.

Keep an eye on the site in the days and weeks to come, and feel free to throw up a post about us!

Kiran Adithands
Throb Darshall
Erik Ostraw
& Jordan Derper”

If you visit, you’ll also be greeted by funny Photoshopped versions of our headshots. Finally, can I just say that “Throb Darshall,” is the best name of all? It’s like I have a 70’s detective alter-ego who occasionally makes dalliances into porn when I’m between cases. Thanks to whoever made this and meta world peace to you all!