Leo Burnett Includes Tweets, Hash Browns in Its McDonald’s Breakfast Push

By Patrick Coffee 

ICYMI, McDonald’s All Day Breakfast menu threatened to “break the Internet” before it even officially went live IRL this morning. Quite a few media professionals spent yesterday evening wondering why the world’s biggest fast food chain had neglected the most important part of any carb-centric breakfast: hash browns.

But the always-reliable Business Insider confirmed this morning (after a SWEET MassMutual ad) that the rumors were not true as 90 percent of McD’s locations will indeed offer hash browns throughout the day. We are more scandalized by the fact that “The restaurants serving McMuffin sandwiches will serve only three kinds: egg, sausage with egg, and sausage.”

As we learned in September, Leo Burnett will be leading creative on this new marketing push, with DDB and several of the client’s other agencies pitching in with their own takes on what #AllDayBreakfast means to them.

Burnett’s first spot launched over the weekend. “We Hear You” is kind of but not really like a tween version of Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets.

So breakfast is coming.

For the next three spots, the agency continued playing on the average social media user’s need for both instant gratification and potential marketing immortality by featuring real-world messages in its ads. Smiley tounge face emoji.

PR agency Golin (the dudes behind the sexy new Hamburglar) continues to handle McD’s social, but Leo Burnett did the research required to create these consumer compilations. In the next spot, breakfast gets a bit more dramatic with the help of our friend Vivaldi and some very frustrated emojis.

Finally, the client goes with the ubiquitous “wuuuuuuuut.”

The company has been promoting this effort over the last several days via a selection of overexcited GIFs…and this one.

Media outlets, in turn, could not resist running with headlines like “I’ve been waiting 40 years for this.” It’s from a company employee, but still…free advertising! Earned media! Of course, with all this semi-manufactured excitement going on, rival brands just couldn’t resist being like…uh uh.

Several people even saw fit to mention some movie we’ve never seen.

We are almost certain that none of these were paid placements.

Now wait until influencers like @eatstyledallas discover that their tweets have been used in a national McDonald’s ad. The exposure should earn them each, like, five new followers!

Score one for user generated content.


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