Anomaly, Carhartt Want You to ‘Move Like You Mean It’

By Erik Oster 

Anomaly launched a new fall campaign for Carhartt, designed to showcase the freedom of movement allowed by the brand’s Full Swing line, entitled “Move Like You Mean It.”

The campaign launches with the 90-second “Full Swing” which documents the Full Swing line in action, as construction workers, loggers, demolition experts and others with physically demanding jobs demonstrate how Full Swing helps them do their work with comfort. Anomaly and Carhartt to the West Coast to capture the footage of Full Swing in action. Directed by Delerio Films’ Josh Greenbaum, the spot foregoes any voiceover, relying solely on its percussion-heavy score to accompany its montage of men at work, ending with the “Move Like You Mean It” tagline. It’s a simple approach, but one that retains its focus on the Full Swing line’s comfort. 

It feels like a natural progression from last year’s in-house “Weatherman” ad, with the brand benefiting from the new tagline and tightly shot spot. “Full Swing” officially launched the campaign with its broadcast debut on October 15.


Agency: Anomaly

Production Company: Delerio Films
Director & Editor: Josh Greenbaum
Executive Producer: Chris Legget
Producer: Hannah Bombelles
Original Music & Sound Design: John Piscitello