Left 4 Dead 2 Launch Yields $25 Million Campaign

By Matt Van Hoven 

Valve, the makers of the hit zombie video game “Left 4 Dead” (l4d.com) and now “Left 4 Dead 2”, are employing a $25 million campaign to advance sales, various reports confirm. Valve’s marketing vp verified the news, adding that pre-orders for the game are the highest the company has ever seen for one of its titles.

This beats the previous title’s campaign budget which was supported mostly by word-of-mouth, reports Kotaku, and $10 million in traditional and other mixed media. The gaming site reports that this product’s execution will include standard fare: “billboards, banner ads on gaming sites, and televised advertisements to run during UFC events and Monday Night Football. Europe will also see a ramp up in outdoor advertisements, along with print, television, and website ads.”


Though uninspired it may seem, the game is so highly anticipated that all it really needs are some simple (and these days, probably cheap) works.

Left 4 Dead, by the way, is one of the best Zombie shoot-em-ups out there &#151 the kind of game that gets your heart racing before you even get into the action.

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