Tweet of the Day: MadMen Takes Place in a Less PC Era

By Matt Van Hoven 

Um, here’s one to write home about. Twitter’s @trudy_campbell used the word “negroes” in a tweet. It’s OK though, because she’s like, from the days when it was OK to say things like that. Er, the days when people said things like that and other people didn’t seem to mind or at least didn’t mind out loud where other people could hear them minding.

But since we don’t say things like that anymore it seems striking at first read. Ha ha, you might say, she’s from the past. Wait, no she isn’t &#151 she’s not even a person. However there is a person pretending to be her, and that person wrote “negroes” in a Tweet, and now the world is spinning wildly, might even fall off its axis.

I’m kidding that won’t really happen. But this did happen and now everything is confusing again.

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