Leaves me thinking of a Wizard of Oz quote…

By SuperSpy 

You too can look this dead sexy — if you happen to heading to the Clio awards in South Beach this May.

Seems Sands Research has brokered a deal with the Clio judging committee:

For the 2008 Clio Awards Television/Cinema/Digital and Interactive categories, Sands Research will have a live subject demonstration set-up at the Clio Festival. A subject will be exposed to the finalists’ advertisements while wearing a cap with electrodes linked to electroencephalography (EEG) equipment. Brain activity will be measured and recorded in millisecond increments to determine which ads elicit the strongest response. Festival attendees can view all testing in real-time during the event.”

Now it sounds like some really cool geeky-type stuff, but I’m left to ponder that do they find that most of the people that decide to subjective themselves to the test and happen to work in the field of advertising “flatline” during this demonstration? And would anyone be surprised by that particular result? (Reference point for the post title: The Scarecrow of course!)

(ed note: Ok..I’m a little snarky to begin here on my first day…but it is all in good fun!)