Le Bureau Tells You Not to Buy Shit for Red Cross Sweden

By Erik Oster 

Swedish agency Le Bureau teamed up with Seattle-based animation studio The Academy’s Swedish collective known as Brikk to create a two minute PSA for Red Cross Sweden.

The ad tries to convince Swedes to give Red Cross parcels to those in need for Christmas, rather than buying something they won’t even remember next year. Or, as Brikk puts it, “We together with Red Cross think that a food package to Syria is a better Christmas gift than a fitness band, and that’s what we are trying to communicate in the animation.”


To accomplish this, the animation highlights just how many gifts are forgotten, or even sold secondhand online after the holiday season. “Don’t buy thoughtless presents for the ones you care for, buy something special that shows they mean more,” says the spot’s rhyming narrator, positing Red Cross gifts as the answer. Near the end of the PSA he gets a little more direct, saying, “…this year don’t buy shit, make an active choice.” The candidness is refreshing, and should get more people to share what otherwise could have been a very dry message.


Client: Red Cross Sweden

Title: “Another Christmas Carol,” 2:00

Agency: Le bureau, Sweden

Director: Björn Johansson

Producer: Samuel Fast

Illustration: Björn Johansson

Animation: Björn Johansson / Viktor Khan / Edward Moulder / Samuel Fast

Voiceover script: Le bureau

Music: Joel Andersson

Sound design: Joel Andersson