Kraft No Longer with Anomaly Toronto

By Shawn Paul Wood 

kraft_mac_cheeseKraft Canada wants to make more folks north of the border eat Mac n’ Cheese. In order to achieve this goal, the company took its business from TAXI Canada to Anomaly Toronto a few months ago.

The key word in that partnership was “fun“, which served as the basis of a new, “wacky” campaign designed to “rekindle memories of a happy childhood.”

Now the brand has had a change of heart.


The hiring of Anomaly followed the appointment of new CMO Tony Matta, who joined from Frito Lay and aimed to establish “a new tone in the voice and a new target demographic, which won’t be defined by age or gender.”

Now, Kraft has let Anomaly go and awarded the account to another Toronto shop, Union Creative.

“We have a relationship with Union and the creative team there. We know what they can do and are looking forward to having them work on Kraft Dinner.”

Kraft did not give much detail as to why they made the move or whether they plan to continue with the “Let Your Fun Out” campaign. The fact that the company let its AOR go after mere months says a lot.