Knicks Invade Nets Territory, Seriously Need Your Help

By Michael Musco 

The much-maligned New York Knicks (sorry Amar””e) recently unveiled a huge billboard on Flatbush and Seventh Avenue in Brooklyn in an attempt to rally the team’s fans and gain love back from its home turf.

According to the New York Times, there are around five different agencies (Montague/Ryan’s Co: included) pitching in on this campaign to reconnect the team and the city and getting fans to engage on a more regular and active basis on all the platforms like coming to the Garden, watching on the MSG network, coming to events, text in, uploading pictures to Facebook or follow the players on Twitter.

Needing five agencies to help you out is a clear indication of distress. You want a foolproof way to get the fans back? Win some games! Make it to the playoffs! Play well and they will come.

via Gothamist