Illinois Lottery Asks That We ‘Joy Someone’

By Bob Marshall 

Did you know that it’s only nine days until the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? Yes, it’s almost that magical time of year when you’re family gorges itself on poultry and you gather ’round the TV to see the Detroit Lions embarrass themselves in front of the nation. Of course, Thanksgiving also marks the beginning of the holiday season, and what’s more Santa-approved than participating in your local lottery?

There are very few stocking stuffers more convenient than lottery scratch-offs. Not only can they fit into any regulation-size stocking, but there is that slim possibility that your $2 investment could be worth much more for the recipient. And, this spot from Energy BBDO names all sorts of people for whom a lottery ticket would be an appropriate gift. Sure, you might not give your kid or your sibling Christmas-themed scratch-off sheet and a quarter to ease the process. But, what of that supporting cast in your life for whom you need some sort of cheap present?


Sure, 2010 probably won’t be what Illini remember as the year when “joy” became a verb. But, it will be known as the year Rod Blagojevich got away with selling a gubernatorial seat, the year Mayor Daley announced his retirement and the year when Rahm Emanuel became a worthy contender for Chicago’s throne. Illinois is a state of high rollers, and while it might not win it big any time in the foreseeable future, they play for the chance of a big payoff. Will it be worth it? Well, just look at the Chicago Blackhawks.