Killing Rumors, One Post at a Time

By Matt Van Hoven 

From time to time we get really ridiculous tips that stem from God knows where. Yesterday, someone tried to get us to believe that Y&R Chicago’s brand new CCO, Ken Erke is on his way out.

This would be a great story, if it were true. Agency reps say, “they haven’t heard anything about it.” Furthermore, it’s really, really out there.

If true, it would be a great piece because Mr. Erke joined the Chicago crew only in early May, taking the place of Mark Figliulo who went to TBWA/Chiat/Day to do the same. See that story here. It’d be one of the shortest tenures of any CCO this side of earth since God built the thing in seven days, and then retired.


But it’s not true, so far as we know, and tracking that fact down ended up being a time-sink.

Back to the tipping matter &#151 don’t get me wrong, we love hearing from you anonymously. Really, we do. It’s as safe way for you to let us know what’s going on without risking reprisal.

However, bear in mind that we have no interest in outing our sources. So if you feel confident enough, get in touch in some other way that will allow us to do some simple follow-up. We promise not to get mad if your tip turns out to be rumor.

On that note, we want to keep you safe, secure and employed as long as possible. It’s mutually beneficial, and keeps the site churning out what AdWeek, AdAge and a slurry of others can’t &#151 without being as salacious as some other blogs.

Did Deep Throat use an anon tips box? Hell naw!

So if you’ve got something you want to share, whatever it may be, help us make the story better by e-mailing ( or using IM or Twitter (both are AgencySpy). Cheers.