KFC CEO Apologizes for Last Week’s Screw Up, Offers Raincheck

By Matt Van Hoven 

Roger Eaton is the CEO of KFC aka Kentucky Fried Chicken aka Kentucky Grilled Chicken aka the fast food place that made the same mistake as Popeyes.

Last week Oprah Winfrey gave away a bunch of coupons for a free sample of the restaurant’s newest product, which is what they actually call it. Couldn’t they have called it their newest sensation, delectable dish, tasty treat &#151 product just isn’t the right word to use when you’re trying to convince people that what they’re eating is chicken and not, you know, rat meat.


Anyway the whole thing went south bla bla and now Eaton wants you to know he’s sorry. And Australian. Or maybe he’s a kiwi. Whatevs &#151 shouldn’t he have a drawl, or something? You know, like Annie.

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