Kentucky for Kentucky and 1 Dead Bear Remind Us That Cocaine Is a Hell of a Drug

By Patrick Coffee 

ICYMI, local TV can get pretty weird.

Kentucky for Kentucky, the project launched by agency bros Whit Hiler, Griffin VanMeter and Kent Carmichael to promote their home state, released a new ad that attempts to “push the medium without having to pull the ejector seat,” a la Tom Cruise in Top Gun.

KY for KY, which sells “Y’all” t-shirts and shot glasses with “Bourbon only” instructions (not really), has released a series of projects related to beards and ass-kicking in recent years.


The latest one is an ad for themselves (or, rather, their new retail space, CHECK IT OUT) that they tried to place on four different local stations in their native Lexington. The first three said no thanks to the cocaine reference and the F-bombs, but local NBC affiliate WLEX-TV somehow agreed after cutting out whatever fucks it had left to give.

The result is kind of like Tim & Eric dropping a few hits and wandering a little too far below the old Mason-Dixon line with the help of local prod co Kong.

As the kids say, Shit Be Cray. From Mr. Hiler himself:

“We felt the need, Goose. The need for speed! Kind of like that YouTube show Will It Blend?, we wanted to play Will They Air This? and make something so off-the-wall ridiculous that most local stations wouldn’t want to touch it. And they definitely didn’t.”

A corresponding blog post details how those stations said no in colorful ways. One called it “a little edgier than we typically see,” while one asked, “Can you do something (hate to say it) without the **** yeah ya do!”

Anyway, the ads will air during the late-night shows and SNL. The dudes even added “Digital Short” to the beginning of the one that will air on lonely, half-drunk Saturday nights, just to further confuse their fellow Kentucky residents.

About the stimulant-loving omnivore: It was a real bear that died after consuming a veritable shitload of The White Stuff that had fallen from the plane of a local drug smuggler.

We might ask whether these guys will ever win KFC, because we’d kind of like to see what they might do for the Colonel after they make sure to get rid of Norm Macdonald. But why the hell would they want that account anyway??