Kayser & Co. Touts Wine Brand Inspired by Exiled English Convicts

By Kiran Aditham 

The banishment of English convicts to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries has been well-documented, but that unfortunate piece of history gets the film treatment in a new short from Furlined director Nick Ball and Kayser&Co. (the latter of which was founded by former Y&R California CCO/Cutwater alum Joe Kayser).

In the nearly four-minute film–which promotes Treasury Wine Estates label 19 Crimes--we get a glimpse into the plight of Irish poet John Boyle O’Reilly, who was on the last convict ship in 1867 named the Hougoumont and whose poem “A Builder’s Lesson” serves as the narrative.


19 Crimes derives its name from the list of offenses that merited banishment in those times, from O’Reilly’s 20-year sentence for his role in an uprising against British rule in Ireland to more ridiculous infractions like impersonating an Egyptian and stealing fish from a pond. The labels on the wine itself feature several of the actual “banished,” who range from petty criminals to artists and scholars.

The name of the brand itself demands a bit more drama than your standard wine/spirits ad, and Kayser&Co./Ball definitely obliged.

Agency: Kayser&Co.
Chief Creative Officer: Joe Kayser
Creative Director/Writer: Eric Boyd
Art Director: Joe Kayser
Producer: Paul Golubovich
Director: Nick Ball
Production Company: Furlined
President: Diane McArter
Executive Producer: Robert Herman
Director of Photography: Jan Velicky
Line Producer: Robert Bray
Production Designer: Radek Hanak

Music: Stimmüng
Executive Producer: Ceinwyn Clark
Composer: David Winer

Editorial: Little Moving Pictures
Editor: Nathan Petty
Producer: Jeremy Summer
Composite & Title Artist: Noe Chavez

Mix (One Union Recording Studios): Joaby Deal
Color (MPC): Ricky Gausis
Client: Treasury Wine Estates
Vice President of Marketing: Barry Sheridan
Senior Global Brand Director: Seth Hynes
Brand Business Unit Director – Americas: Doug Altmeyer