Kate Spade Brings Back Anna Kendrick for Another ‘#missadventure’

By Erik Oster 

Last November, Kate Spade teamed up with production company Helo for an online spot starring Anna Kendrick called “The Waiting Game,” billed as “#missadventure episode 1.” Now, the brand has brought back Kendrick for the second episode in the series, with additional star power courtesy of Lily Tomlin.

In “The Great Escape,” Kendrick has barely arrived in Los Angeles when she’s mistaken for “the best personal meditation instructor in Los Angeles.” After initially appearing flummoxed, Kendrick has a “what the hell” moment and decides to go with it. Since she doesn’t actually know anything about meditation, she turns to the items around her for inspiration, including a necklace and a pink skirt (a sly way to sneak in Kate Spade products) to bullshit her way through the session. Kendrick manages to be convincing enough that at the end of the session Tomlin says, “Thank you, really.” The spot very much keeps in the same tone as its predecessor, leaning on Kendrick’s awkward humor to help give voice to the brand.

“Adventure and spontaneity are at the core of both videos,” Mary Beech, Kate Spade’s CMO, told Adweek. “You will continue to see this celebration of one-of-a-kind, thought-provoking women throughout the year and beyond.”