ECD Kim Out at Rauxa

By Patrick Coffee 

This week we learned that Nobbie Kim — whose name might be familiar to some of our longtime readers — is no longer with Costa Mesa agency Rauxa.

He’s best known in these quarters for producing what we called “the agency version of a blood oath” back in 2011: a promise to produce “one piece of iconic work within the next six months.”

At the time, he’d just begun his second stint at TBWA\Chiat\Day LA, where he served as creative director. While we cannot confirm whether or not Kim did produce said iconic work, his manifesto did earn a good bit of attention within the ad industry, much of it negative.

Shocking, we know.

After leaving TBWA in 2013, Kim was hired by Rauxa for an ECD position in which he answered to CSO/CCO and Barbarian/Chiel/Deutsch/TBWA veteran Ian Baer. That gig lasted one year and five months.

In addition to his time with Chiat, Kim also worked for DDB, Suissa Miller, Innocean, and more; his freelance resume includes campaigns for FCB, Spark 44, Saatchi & Saatchi, et cetera.

We do not at the moment have any details regarding the reasons for/conditions surrounding his departure or his future plans. Our most recent interaction with Kim involved him pitching us Rauxa’s unusual campaign for client Dentegra in a move he described as “hater-baiting.”

The agency told us that it would release a statement on his departure but has yet to do so. Kim did not comment at this time.