JWT’s Trendspotter Ann Mack Flamed on Daily Show

By Matt Van Hoven 

It’s the new year so you’ve probably read a lot about trends and influencers. Hopefully you’ve seen through the bullshit and avoided buying shirts made of feathers. Nonetheless, agencies will continue their role of trendspotting well into the century, and today we bring you a clip of the age old trend of flaming people whose job it is to sell aforementioned bullshit.

You have Jon Stewart of ‘The Daily Show’ to thank for this big ball of flamey goodness, and an anonymous tipster for pointing it out. Here, JWT’s Ann Mack (title: trendspotter) earns some media &#151 and laffs &#151 for working at a “real-enough” sounding company. J. Walter is spinning in his trendy grave, as we type this. See below as the nice-looking blonde tells people on the TV to buy things. Sneaky.

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