In Soviet Russia, Lion Winning Copywriters Have ‘Balls of Steel’, Poor Englishes

By Matt Van Hoven 

So fresh! A man who appears to be Russian and in need of copywriting work has set up an eBay auction selling a Cannes Lions Grand Prix. Starting bids begin at $2,000 or you can Buy it Now for a cool mil. But wait, there’s more.

Accompanying the auction is a site, aptly named “Buy Cannes Lions Grand Prix“.

I know why you are here,” writes Danilov Eugeniy. “As millions ad people you dream to take Cannes Lions in your collection (sure if you have it)

THE unique offer &#151 only before January, 23rd you have a chance to a tender on buying Cannes Lions Grad Prix on an installment plan for several years , with each month payment.

Our favorite copy comes from his resume: “Dear Friends, with project ‘Buy Cannes Lions Grand Prix’ I just want to remind you, behind big awards and wins, stand people with flaming eyes and huge desire to prove everybody, that they have balls made of steel. Fuck Credit Crunch! Start hire!

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During all installment period you will have the copywriter in your team, doing your routine projects and meanwhile wining some other advertising competitions.
All our cooperation is on a contractual basis , below you can find the CV of your new staff member.

Important Information.

Please remember, this is a very rare offer and it exists in one copy only.

Don’t wait to bid a lot on ebay, or apply your enter by email