JWT Shows, Tells How to Build an Invisible Car

By Matt Van Hoven 

JWT and Shell had an idea: show consumers how oil looks as it flows through an engine. Achieving that end meant overcoming a few glaring problems, namely seeing through the vehicle, engine and all those fiddly parts in between.

With the help of Asylum Models, JWT pulled it off. The teams built a scale Nissan 350Z out of transparent materials, hand-fitting each until the sports car came together. No, it won’t run, but it will demonstrate how oil looks as it flows through the engine’s many compartments. It’s a beautiful demonstration of an engine’s complicated nature and a rare look into what happens when a machine stays well-oiled. You don’t have to think with your dipstick to understand the importance of using clean, well produced oil &#151 at least, not when you can see the stuff at work.


Via Sub5zero h/t @colinmurphy

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