JWT London Shows How Unsatisfying 25% Is For Listerine

By Erik Oster 

JWT London teamed up with production company th2ng (pronounced “Thing 2,” even though the number 2 looks nothing like an “I”) and directorial team “The Queen” (Dan Lumb and Crinan Campbell) for a new spot for Listerine.

The ad is based around the idea that, since teeth only make up a quarter of your mouth, brushing only cleans 25 percent of your mouth. It opens on a man holding balloon receiving a pizza delivery. When he opens the box he finds only two slices and exclaims “25 percent!?” This opens up with concept for a series of sight gags showing how unsatisfying 25 percent is: including a mini martini, unfinished haircut, an incomplete spray tan and a punchline-less joke. It ends with the man walking in on a woman brushing her teeth and informing her she’s only cleaning 25 percent of her mouth, really hammering home the ad’s message.


The ad was filmed over the course of just two days on a crowded beach on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Despite having to conted with throngs of beachgoers, land to water shots, children and cats, the crew enjoyed the shoot.

“This was a fun and challenging shoot,” said Dan Lumb. “We were determined to hit all of the humor notes on this one, which was so contingent on comedic timing and working around the elements. With such a limited shoot time, we had to rely on the talent and preparedness of the team to make this a success. I think everybody did their part to make it come together in a hysterical way.”


Client: Johnson & Johnson                       

Senior Marketing Manager: Jamie Johns             


Agency: JWT London

TV Producer: Romila Sanassy

Assistant TV Producer: Alex McCarter

Creative: James Hobbs

Creative: Jeremy Little

Account Manager: Richard Frazier


Production Company: th2ng

Director: The Queen

Executive Producer: Hannah Cooper

1st Assistant Director: Mel Nortcliffe

Director of Photography: Luke Scott

Art Director: Ben Cote

Wardrobe: Alison McGlaughlin


Local Producer / Fixer: Norbert Schilling at Film Canary Islands



Hero: Danny Babbington