JWT Brazil Tries to Make Decaf Happen for Pilão

By Erik Oster 

JWT Brazil has a new campaign attempting to make decaf seem like an enticing option for Pilão Decaf.

Now decaf coffee is a pretty hard sell, other than with those can’t have caffeine for health reasons, but JWT Brazil came up with an interesting angle. The campaign sets out to prove that decaf coffee, like regular coffee, can be a great working companion — even without the stimulative benefits of caffeine. So they show that great things can be achieved after some sleep by highlighting great breathroughs made after a good night’s sleep, inspired by dreams. In the animated spot above, for example, JWT Brazil tells the story of Dmitri Mendeleev, who got the idea for the period table of the elements in a dream. Unfortunately, the narrative being set to a lullaby only detracts from its impact. The print campaign is more effective, utilizing surreal, dream-like imagery in telling the story of other important ideas inspired by dreams. Stick around after the jump for an example of the print campaign, along with credits.-43



Agency: JWT Brazil

Client: Master Blenders

Product: Pilão Decaf

Account team: Stefano Paduan, Felipe Giacon

Media: Wagner Sena, André Simões

Planning team: José Lucas, Juliana Maaz, João Caputti

CCO: Ricardo John

Head of art: Fábio Simoes

Creative Director: Erick Rosa

Copywriter: Fernando Duarte

Art Director: Pedro Hefs, Thiago Arrighi

RTV Director: Márcia Lacaze

Animation: Daniel Semanas / Paulo Stoker

Clean up: Guma / Lucas Fiacadori

Production Company Account: Marcel Yin Weckx

Sound Production Company: Big Foote Audio

Music Production: Equipe Bigfoote

Locutor: Pascoal da Conceição and Marcelo Meirelles/ Mark Grandfield

Illustration: Pedro Hefs, Thiago Arrighi