JWT Brasil Teams Up with Dolby to Celebrate Sound of Coke

By Erik Oster 

While recent efforts for Coca-Cola have celebrated the centennial of the classic Coke bottle, JWT Brasil chose to highlight a different side of the experience of cracking open a Coke: the sound. The agency teamed up with Dolby to capture the sound of opening a bottle of Coke and pouring it over ice in Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound for a cinema campaign in Brazil.

The resulting 30-second spot presents a view from inside the bottle as it is popped open. As the carbonation bubbles and the soda streams upward, the shot changes to the soda being poured into a glass. All the while, the main focus is on the sound of the drink’s effervescent release. While it’s hard to get the full experience without being in a theater, JWT Brasil seems to have done a good job capturing the moment of opening a Coke in auditory form — not a bad way to get movie goers thirsty for the beverage.

“Only an iconic brand like Coca-Cola can turn the act of opening a bottle into an amazing sensory experience,” said JWT Brasil chief creative officer Ricardo John, in a statement. “With that in mind, our goal was to bring this sensation to the extreme. To achieve that, we could only rely on the sound quality of a brand like Dolby.”


Agency: J.Walter Thompson
Client: Coca-Cola
CCO: Ricardo John
CIO: Mauro Cavalletti
Head of Art: Fabio Simões
Creative Director: Enoch Lan, Santiago Dulce
Art Director: Rodolfo Garcia, Pablo Lobo, Marcelo Monzillo
Copywriter: Fernando Duarte, Hiroito Gomes
Producer (ArtBuyer, RTV, Graphic, Digital): Márcia Lacaze e Daniele Pizzo
Account Manager: Felipe Giacon, Stefano Paduan
Project Manager: Thiago Segundo, Daniel Rybak
Media: Stella Lopes, Beatriz Luna, Ligia Mattos
Planning: Fernand Alphen, Gisele Bambace
Client Approval: Javier Meza, Adriana Knackfuss, Marcelo Pascoa, Paloma Azulay, Juliana Assad
Composition: Ruriá Duprat
Music Production: Ruriá Duprat e Eduardo Santos
Dolby’s Team: Carlos Watanabe e Alex Sobral
Film Producer: CLAN vfx
Sound Producer: Banda Sonora
Mix and Recording: Eduardo Santos, Marina Santana, Márcio Amaral
Account: Rosária Santana, Dudu Santos
Sound Producer: Estúdio JLS & UpMix
Producers: José Luiz Sasso, Ricardo Bertran e Toco Cerqueira
Account Production: Bia Ambrogi
Guidon’s team: Guto Guidon, Tabida Barrionuevo, Edielson Aureliano, Eduardo Rocha, Pedro Jafet, Giovanni Asselta, Nick Viana