Jung von Matt: Smart Car, “Gas Can Blues”

By Matt Van Hoven 

Smart: The Gas Can Blues

AdScam and others were among the first to point out the new ad for Smart Car, the teeny-tiny car that’s taking the US by storm, and putting our traditionally giant cars in their place.

I spent four months in Europe back in 2005, and even back then you couldn’t walk through any town without seeing one of the neat little clown cars. Other than being, well realistic vehicles (how often do you see someone in an SUV, driving alone, and wonder how often they really need all that space? If you’re like me, you have this thought…often), is that you can perpendicular park them.


Passing the parallel parking portion of the driver’s test may one day be a thing of the past, since you can drive these babies straight into most spots. No back and forth, traffic stopping, or crazy Mercedes-Benz auto-parking technology required. Should give BMW’s Mini Cooper a run for its money.

Just realized something funny. Mercedes-Benz must’ve spent millions to develop their auto-parking technology, then releases the SmartCar which doesn’t even need parallel parking…Ha!

Note: Spot produced by Germany’s Jung von Matt.