john st. Presents ‘The Lazy Environmentalist’ for WWF

By Erik Oster 

Toronto agency john st.’s latest campaign for World Wildlife Fund Canada is based around the insight that people are lazy. Or, as Stephen Jurisic, co-ECD at john st. puts it, “This idea comes from the rather depressing truth that most people will only do things that help the environment if it’s really, really easy to do…So rather than try to change that behavior, we thought let’s just embrace it and show that it takes next to no effort to help our oceans and the sea life in it.”

In a 60-second spot, the agency promotes buying seafood with the MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) label on it to help protect our oceans by supporting sustainable fishing practices. The spot likens buying MSC-certified seafood with recycling (“Because it’s next to the trash.”) and buying organic, things that are “easy and practically unavoidable.” It’s an interesting change of approach from the usual call-to-arms, making the implication that there’s really no excuse not to buy MSC seafood, since it’s so easy.The campaign also includes two shorter how-to videos and a series of overtly simply online quizzes.



Advertising Agency: john st., Toronto, Canada

Executive Creative Directors: Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic

Associate Creative Director / Art Director: Hannah Smit

Writer: Jessica Schnurr

Agency Producers: Shawna McPeek/ Madison Papple

Production House: Radke

Director: Michael Clowater

Director of Photography: Brett Van Dyke

Line Producer: Gillian Gardner

Executive Producer: Scott MacKenzie

Editing Company: Saints

Editor: Griff Henderson – “Lazy Environmentalist”

Editor: Cian McDevitt – “Lazy Environmentalism – Feed Your Cat” and “Lazy Environmentalism – Making a Sandwich”

Assistant Editor: Sara Windrim

Executive Producer: Stephanie Hickman

Transfer: Alter Ego

Colourist: Eric Whipp

Executive Producer: Greg Edgar

Online: The Vanity

Flame Artist: Naveen Srivastava

Executive Producer: Stephanie Pennington

Audio House: Vapor Music

Audio Director: Brendan Quinn

Engineer: Julian Rudd

Producer: Natalie Schnurr