DDB Debuts Skittles’ First Ever Halloween Ad

By Erik Oster 

It seems odd that there’s never been a Halloween ad for Skittles. While the brand may not have the same kind of association with the holiday as, say, Reese’s, it still commands a good deal of exchange value for kids swapping trick or treat hauls. And yet DDB Chicago’s new Halloween spot, extending the brand’s “Experience The Rainbow” campaign, is the brand’s first foray into Halloween advertising.

As you might expect, the ad contains the level of weirdness associated with that campaign, and the brand’s advertising in general. When a boy finds himself stuck in a giant spiderweb, attempting to reach a bag of Skittles, his friend wonders what to do. Then a giant spider shows up, promising to help if he gets stuck, and thus begins a lifelong friendship…or does it?


The spot is rolling out as a 15-second broadcast spot and an extended, 45-second online video (featured above), and will run until Halloween.


CCO: John Maxham

ECD: Mark Gross

CD, AD: Brian Boord

CD, CW: Chad Broude

VP, EP: Will St. Clair

Producer: Tara Wert


Global Business Director: Heather Stuckey

SVP, Group Account Director: Kate Christiansen

VP, Account Director: Gwen Hammes

Global Account Executive: Erin Leahy

Global Account Manager: Trace Schlenker

SVP, Group Strategy Director: David Chriswick

Strategy Director: Thomas Hehir


Production Manager: Scott Terry

Director: Wayne McClammy

Prod. Comp: Hungry Man


Editor: Beast Chicago


FX: The Mill/LA