JNA Advertising Dreams Big for Kansas Lottery

By Erik Oster 

Overland Park, Kansas agency JNA Advertising teamed up with Superlounge directing duo Jacob/Slade in a new campaign for Kansas Lottery aggressively telling viewers to “Dream Big.”

In the spot, “Big TV,” a man tells his wife he’s dreaming of a bigger TV. This causes her to morph into a drill sergeant (“Dream Sergeant”) who admonishes him to “Start dreaming like a man” and “Dream big or dream somewhere else.” The slightly bizarre character will reappear over the course of the campaign, in a handful of 30 and 15-second ads.


“The JNA team had such a great concept and a great character with the Dream Sergeant, so the question for us was ‘How can we underscore the notion that people may be imagining the Dream Sergeant, as well as serve the weird funniness of it all?’” said Kristina Slade.

“Kristina and I have been together for twelve years, so we have a long history of exchanges, a give and take that informs our ideas and work relationship,” added Enno Jacobsen. “Kristina is more strategically-minded and I’m more experienced in technique, but the shooting process is spontaneous and fluid, rather than a division of labor.”

This campaign marks the German-born duo’s first campaign in the US, following the duo’s recent work for adhesive brand Tesa.


Client: Kansas Lottery

Marketing Director: Colleen O’Neil
Advertising Coordinator: Meg Roberson
Assistant Attorney General/Chief Counsel: Stephen Durrell

Campaign: Dream Sergeant

Spot Titles: “Yard Balloon” : 30 TV, “Big TV” : 30 TV, “Curtains” :30 TV, “Big Catch” :15 TV, “Meterologist” :15 TV, “Hammock” :15 TV, “Monkey” :15 TV

First Airdate: September 8, 2014

Agency: JNA Advertising / Overland Park, KS

President & CEO: John Nohe
Vice President/Chief Creative Officer: Lance McCormick
Executive Creative Director: Tom Wirt
Vice President/Director of Client Service: Angie Williams

Production Company: Superlounge / Los Angeles

Directors: Jacob/Slade
Executive Producers: John Malina, Dave Farrell

Editorial Company: Substation K / Kansas City, MO

Editor: John McCone