Jeff Scott and Alltel

By Matt Van Hoven 

It seems that anyone who knew Jeff Scott while he was at Campbell Ewald has sent us information about his departure. And though his 21 year tenure is nothing to shake a stick at, CE addies have been more apt to drag his name through the dirt than stick up for his work.

One thing is for sure, his personality and demeanor were both respected and enjoyed by his peers.

That doesn’t say much about his ability to get the job done, though. During his tenure, Scott is said to have had a limited role in the success of his clients’ work, even impeding it at times. Specifically, the Alltel account. We’re told the account is now doing well because of Scott’s “non-involvement.”


It’s not our intention to add to the perception that his work was sub-par, although that will undoubtedly result from this and previous posts on the matter. However, the sentiment among those who knew appears to be that CE will be seeing more business in the near future; or at least, improved work.