Fried Green Apples

By Matt Van Hoven 

Those of you who haven’t read this article about Apple’s attempts at environmentalism can save yourselves a bit of time. Why? Simply because as of January 2007, Apple was at the bottom of a list ranking the most environmentally friendly technology companies. And since then all that has changed is Apple’s inclusion of this Web page on their site. For now, Apple continues to rely on form and function over the greening taking place across the country.

Strangely enough, Dell was at the top of that list, showing that while groups like Greenpeace may be in favor of the company (relatively speaking), consumers are not, favoring Apple’s design and perceived performance capabilities.


Jake from B|Net points out that although perceptions of Apple indicate that it would be an environmentally friendly company, the reality is otherwise.

“…I’m very much skeptical of the power of greening a brand to truly drive sales numbers. While eco-boosters may point to the success of companies like Whole Foods or Toyota as signs that people are using their wallets to save the icecaps, I think consumers will continue to be motivated by what they’ve always been motivated by: price and percieved value.”

Well put. In terms of advertising their enviro-friendliness, Apple hasn’t made a point to highlight efforts they’re making. Tribble Ad Agency’s The Founder, weighs in:

“It appears Steve Jobs got a ‘have your cake and eat it too free pass’ and what we find even more outrageous is that is that TBWA \ Chiat \ Day got the mega free pass on this as well…”