James Harden Sends Entourage Member to D-League in Latest Foot Locker Spot

By Kiran Aditham 

Ah, a Super Bowl breather and the Foot Locker/NBA-focused funny continues in this new spot from BBDO New York, which focuses on mohawk/fierce beard-sporting James Harden, the ex-Oklahoma City Thunder sixth-man-turned-Houston Rockets starter. See kids, this is what happens when you don’t have the flow to flaunt fresh kicks on a consistent basis: You hang out with Kim Kardashian’s ex. Ugh, we can smell the Drakkar Noir from here. Credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer:                                     David Lubars
Senior Creative Director:                                Chris Beresford-Hill

Senior Creative Director:                                 Dan Lucey

Art Director:                                                   Matt Sorrell

Copywriter:                                                      Jessica Coulter

Director of Integrated Production:                   Dave Rolfe

Executive Producer:                                        Dan Blaney
Junior Producer:                                             Mona Lisa Farrokhnia

Worldwide Senior Account Director:                Troy Tarwater

Senior Account Director:                              Brad Groves

Account Director:                                             Janelle Van Wonderen

Account Executive:                                         Nick Robbins

Production Company:                                      Biscuit

Director:                                                          Aaron Stoller

Managing Director:                                         Shawn Lacy

Executive Producer:                                       Holly Vega

Producer:                                                        Mala Vasan

Director of Photography:                                 Mandy Walker

Production Designer:                                       Lester Cohen

Editorial Company:                                           Mackenzie Cutler

Editor:                                                              Ian Mackenzie

Executive Producer:                                       Sasha Hirschfeld
Editorial Producer:                                          Evan Meeker

Assistant Editor:                                            Maria Lee

Audio:                                                              Heard City

Sound Engineer:                                              Philip Loeb

Music:                                                              Que Fancy Music

Composer:                                                       Philip Quinaz

Animation House:                                            Hornet Inc.

Producer:                                                         Cathy Kwan

Animators:                                                       Andrew MacFarlane / Santa Maria