It’s That Time Again! No…No…No…No Wukkas

By Matt Van Hoven 

Denver based Sukle Advertising & Design is looking for an Account Supervisor with 5-7 years of agency experience. Denver is awesome. My brother lives there and he is always complaining about how great it is.

He rides his motorcycle all over the mountains and…


Where was I…Ah yes, Sukle deets:

If you’ve figured out that what a client wants isn’t necessarily what they say they want, and can move ahead fearlessly. If you can find the most compelling message and make sure the client understands why it’s the most compelling message. If you have a passion for creative, and consider it your primary objective to fight to get that creative produced. And can do all the other important stuff like manage projects start to finish, keep track of the details, budget, estimate, bill, forecast and write a great creative brief then we really want to hear from you.

We’re a small, award-winning and creatively driven agency based at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. In fact One Magazine recently called us one of the most creative agencies off the beaten path.

Job Requirements
First line of defense, glue, doer, master of process, leader.
Build and maintain client trust and confidence through responsiveness, reliability and know-how.
Take ownership of and pride in the creative you are a part of producing.
Make the work better by understanding the advertising industry, the clients’ brand and the ever-changing environment.
Ability to clearly express ideas and build relationships with creatives and other agency departments.
Day-to-day project management.
Major amounts of multi-tasking.
Accountability for getting things done right.
Maintain a sense of teamwork among agency staff assigned to your accounts.
Work with an entrepreneurial spirit. kiddies. Don’t say I never didn’t do nothing. Er, something.