Advertising Missing the Goal

By Matt Van Hoven 

This was too good to pass up.

“A new survey by Survey Sampling International
(SSI) revealed that 41% of European football fans don’t know who is
sponsoring the Euro 2008 championships. While companies invest huge
budgets on achieving brand association with such a high profile
tournament, results suggest that most of their messages have not got
through to the actual football fans yet.


Drawing from a panel of 1,820 French, German, Spanish, and British
consumers, SSI’s latest survey demonstrates that amongst respondents who claimed they would be following the games, the UK is the hardest audience for marketers to reach. As many as 77% of UK respondents claim they do not know who this year’s sponsors are, but this could be because the UK is not participating in the tournament, and the dearth of sponsors advertising on TV . The UK is closely followed by France (55%), Spain (42%), and Germany (28%).”