It’s Still Movember, So Why Not Play Dare’s ‘Stache Vs. Stache’ Game?

By Erik Oster 

In case you’ve forgotten, it’s still Movember, the month-long event where men (and women, if they’re so inclined) start clean-shaven and then grow facial hair to raise awareness for prostate cancer, and hopefully even get a few donations for prostate cancer charities.

With the final third of Movember approaching, the folks over at Dare Vancouver wanted to make an untraditional fundraising push. So DARE creatives David Giovando and Todd Takahashi put together a fun game, called “Stache Vs. Stache,” in which players try to determine which mustaches are “real” and which are “Movember staches.” It’s a fun little diversion that should only take a couple of minutes. Although it’s pretty easy to pick out most of the Movember staches — I only got stumped a couple of times — the real fun is seeing a bevy of funny mustaches and attempted mustaches. Plus for each correct answer DARE will donate ten cents, up to a maximum of $1,000, to Prostate Cancer Canada. You can also upload a photo of your own mustache, be it of the real or Movember variety.

The folks over at Dare also put together the above video, a funny montage of disgusted reactions followed by a particularly gross mustache. If you have a similar reaction to the onslaught of Movember mustaches, take solace in the fact that those bad boys should be shaved off in less than two weeks. Happy Movember, everybody.